Geeky Life ~ Where It All Began

Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of everything at the moment I have been busy with lots of work but I am trying my best to finish up everything and start my foodie adventure.

For now I am happy to say that I have updated my About Me with some information about me a long with this crazy art and story - don't get me me wrong, this is a true story XD

It all started back in 2007 when I started my geeky journey in university to become an animator, studying Animation & Design. Like everyone else I would be sat behind a computer most of the day, tapping on the keyboard and clicking away with the mouse.
Though everyone always wondered why I always sat at the very far back and hidden in a corner… so one day, one of my class mates decided to explore the far back computers and that’s when they saw it…
I would be sat behind my computer monching on a burger or two…  drinking a yummy frappe or few.

This is posted in my About Me section, but isn't finished yet so stay tuned for the finished story!

As for now have a Hot Chocolate from me 

Thank you for ready!

See you again soon 


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  1. Now this is interesting! Looking forward 2 more. Be sure 2 keep in touch.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

    1. Thank you for your comment and do stay in touch 8)

      Definitely have more, maybe a bit slow but hopefully will entertain you and give you a smile on a sad and boring day 8P

      Furita x


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